Welcome to my Prairie Journey Travel Blog

Welcome !

Join me on my adventures as I travel the California Trail from July, 2006 – November, 2011 with Doug, my husband, and our little golden Llhasa, Ernie. I want to take you back in time to what it might have been like to be there in 1850, while at the same time write about our present day experiences on the trail as well. I’ll be sharing about how our travels across the land gave me many of my ideas for creating the characters and plot in my novel, Prairie Journey. As we traveled the trail in small travel bits (3-4 day trips to various parts of the trail) over the five years time, I wrote Prairie Journey, word by word and chapter by chapter, revising along the way, until I got the characters, plot and the land itself working together seamlessly to tell a story that could have possibly happened.

Come along with us on the journey. I hope you will !


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